CMSA Code of Conduct

As a member of CMSA, you agree to be bound by the CMSA Code of Conduct when you register as a member of CMSA and when signing up for league play.  

Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association (CMSA) Code of Conduct

CMSA believes that all participants have a right to a safe and healthy environment to participate in sports and recreational activities. CMSA officials, athletes, spectators, and guests have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance. CMSA expects all of the aforementioned to abide by the following code of conduct during CMSA sponsored leagues/events and situations arising from CMSA events.


1.    Promote the reputation of CMSA and take all possible steps to prevent our organization from being brought into disrepute

2.    Not use foul or abusive language or gestures toward league and game officials, players, managers, or spectators.

3.    Not take any action which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate, or discriminate against participants, league and game officials, or spectators on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, disability, age, religious or political belief, ethnic origin, social background, language, or marital status through words or action.

4.    Not possess weapons during league play or CMSA sponsored events.

5.    Not act in a way that creates an unsafe environment for themselves or others during league play or events, including being intoxicated.

6.    Follow the policies and expectations of all venues at which CMSA sports or events are held.



Those who witness acts in violations of the code of conduct should take steps to intervene if it is safe to do so. Violations should be reported immediately to game or league officials.  All reports will be promptly and appropriately investigated.

Violations of the code may result in sanctions up to and including suspension/expulsion from CMSA.